Our Services


Canadian Medical Center is a complex of medical clinics that cover all medical specialties from the pediatric clinic, internal medicine, eye clinic, ear, nose and throat clinic, general medicine, emergency department, radiology department, and laboratory.

The Canadian Medical Center also provides medical services to most oil and gas well drilling companies, whether in offshore platforms or land rigs.

The Canadian Medical Center also supervises clinics that serve refining stations in the Kingdom, and these clinics work in emergency medicine doctors and trained nurses who have all required courses such as: ACLS, BLS, ITLS, ATLS, PHTLS

In addition to providing medical services to the rigs, the Canadian Medical Center performs all the necessary medical examinations for workers in this field according to Aramco requirements such as: Oil and Gas UK (OGUK), MedFit, MedTrack, Crane Operator, Pulmonary Function Testing, Audiography, and Drug Test.